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What is Keppel Land's core business?

Keppel Land focuses on property development and property investment.

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Who are Keppel Land's major shareholders?

The Company is 100% owned by Keppel Corporation in end 2016.

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Who are the directors on the Board?

Currently, Keppel Land has nine directors, of whom six are independent non-executive directors. The board is headed by Chairman Loh Chin Hua. The other board members are Chief Executive Officer Ang Wee Gee, Mr Tan Yam Pin, Mr Edward Lee, Mrs Koh-Lim Wen Gin, Mr Yap Chee Meng, Professor Huang Jing, Mrs Oon Kum Loon and Mr Chan Hon Chew.

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When is Keppel Land's financial year-end?

Keppel Land's financial year-end is 31 December.

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What is Keppel Land's strategic direction?

Keppel Land will continue to develop residential, investment-grade office, mixed-use and township projects for sale. We will scale up in high growth cities, expand our commercial portfolio, invest opportunistically in developed and emerging markets, platforms, properties and projects as well as proactively recycle capital for higher returns.

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How are Keppel Land's assets distributed geographically?

Singapore and China will continue to be Keppel Land's core markets, while Indonesia and Vietnam will continue to be its growth markets. Its assets are also spread over the following countries in Asia - India, Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar - as well as USA and UK.

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What are Keppel Land's strategic plans in China?

Keppel Land will focus on the five cities where it has a strong presence, namely Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu, Wuxi and Tianjin.

Keppel Land has extended its commercial presence to develop Seasons City in Tianjin Eco-City, a prime office development on a 2.6-ha site in Beijing's CBD and an office cum retail complex at Park Avenue Central in Shanghai. In Feb 2013, Keppel Land China partnered Alpha Investment Partners to acquire a stake in a completed premium retail mall, Life Hub @ Jinqiao in Pudong, Shanghai.

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What is Keppel Land's total asset size?

Keppel Land's total assets amounted to about $14.9 billion as at 31 December 2015.

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Does Keppel Land have any listed subsidiaries?

Keppel Land has one listed subsidiary in Philippines, which is 51%-owned Keppel Philippines Properties Inc.

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Last Update : 6 May 2015

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