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Annual Report 1998

Contents of 1998 Annual Report
(in Acrobat PDF format):

Corporate Profile
Milestones 1998
Chairman's Message
Board of Directors

The Group at a Glance

Financial Highlights
Simplified Balance Sheet
Half-Yearly Results
Five-Year Financial Profile

People Count

At the Helm
Key Personnel
Organisational Structure
Human Resource Relations
Investor and Community Relations
In Harmony with the Environment

Focus: Market and Prospects

Asian Economic and Property Round-Up
Change and Impact
Feature - Meeting the Challenges Ahead

The Year in Review

Market and Operations - Singapore
Market and Operations - Region
Sedona Hotels International
Feature - Developing the BPR Culture
Feature - Tracking the Millennium Bug


Segmental Reporting
Value Added and Productivity
Value Added by Segment
Value Added Statement
Property Portfolio Analysis
Gearing Structure

Statutory Report and Accounts

Directors' Report
Statement by the Directors
Auditors' Report
Profit and Loss Accounts
Balance Sheets
Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
Summary of Significant Accounting Policies
Notes to the Accounts
Subsidiary and Associated Companies

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance
Directors' Remuneration
Interested Person Transactions

Corporate Information

Corporate Directory
Corporate Structure
Calander of Financial Events

Shareholder Information

Statistics of Shareholdings
Statistics of Warrantholdings 2000
Share Transaction Statistics

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