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Investor Relations Policy

Keppel Land is committed to disclose material information in a timely, transparent, non-selective and accurate manner to the public, in accordance with listing rules of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited (“SGX-ST”), the Singapore Code of Corporate Governance 2012 and current best practices.

The Investor Relations (IR) team acts as an intermediary between the Company and its shareholders as well as the investment community. The goal of the IR team is to enable its shareholders and the investment community to better understand the business and operations of the Company through transparent, accurate and timely communications.


    1.1. This IR Policy describes the principles and practices that the Company applies in order to provide current and prospective investors with information necessary to make well-informed investment decisions.
    1.2. In the course of its IR activities, the Company will comply with all applicable securities laws and regulations. In addition to required information disclosures, the Company seeks to adopt a proactive stance of voluntary supplemental disclosure covering matters considered to have a potential impact on investment decisions by current and prospective investors.
    1.3. All disclosures are submitted to SGX-ST through SGXNET, and are available on the Company's corporate website
    1.4. Unpublished material information is not selectively disclosed. On the rare occasion when such information is inadvertently disclosed to a selected group, it will be immediately announced to the public via SGXNET and the media.
    1.5. This Policy is subject to regular review by the Company's management.


    2.1. The Company endeavours to provide clear, fair and balanced disclosure of pertinent information to its shareholders and the investment community in a timely and effective manner.
    2.2. To the extent possible, all disclosures will:

    (a) be factual, clear and succinct;
    (b) contain sufficient quantitative information to allow investors to evaluate its relative importance to the activities of the Company;
    (c) be balanced and fair;
    (d) avoid over-technical language; and
    (e) explain the consequences or effects of the information on the Company's future prospects. If the consequences or effects cannot be assessed, reason will be provided.
    2.3. Authorised Spokespersons

    2.3.1. The Company communicates only through designated senior spokespersons who will establish and maintain regular dialogue with shareholders to solicit and understand their views, as well as respond to inquiries from members of the investment community.
    2.3.2. Employees who are not authorised spokespersons must not respond under any circumstances to inquiries from the investment community, unless specifically authorised by designated senior spokespersons. Any inquiry received should be directed to the IR team.
    2.4. Responding to Market Rumours

    2.4.1. As a guideline, the Company does not respond to rumours or market speculation. Clarifications will however be made promptly through announcements via SGXNET in the event that material information is deemed to have been leaked or where there is unusual market activities that could be attributable to such rumours or market speculation.
    2.4.2. The Company, as a rule, will not comment on commercially sensitive proceedings.


    The Company employs various platforms to effectively engage the shareholders and the investment community, with an emphasis on timely, accurate, fair and transparent disclosure of information. In addition to shareholders' meetings, senior management will also meet with investors and analysts, as well as participate in conference calls, local and overseas roadshows and conferences organised by brokers throughout the year to understand the views of the investment community.

    The Company is committed to treat all shareholders fairly and equitably, and keep all its shareholders and other stakeholders informed of its corporate activities, including changes in the Company or its business which would be likely to materially affect the price or value of its shares, on a timely basis.

    3.1. Shareholders' Meetings

    3.1.1. The Company will facilitate opportunities for shareholders to participate effectively in and vote at Annual General Meetings and Extraordinary General Meetings, and to ask questions on the motions put forward.
    3.1.2. Shareholders will be informed of the rules, including voting procedures that govern these general meetings. Poll results will be announced via SGXNET on the same day of the meetings. The minutes of these meetings will be made available to shareholders upon their request.
    3.1.3. Shareholders' meetings will be held at a convenient location with access to public transportation, so as to facilitate shareholders and encourage participation.
    3.2. Meetings with Analysts and Institutional Investors

    3.2.1. The Company welcomes requests by analysts and institutional investors for meetings with senior management for the purpose of helping them to gain a broader understanding of the Company's businesses and operating fundamentals. Any discussions at such meetings will be based on publicly available information. The Company will also host visits for analysts and investors to view its projects and sites in Singapore and overseas.
    3.2.2. The Company will not influence the views or recommendations of analysts, brokerage firms and investment banks but may review an analyst's report for factual accuracy of information that is within the public domain.
    3.3. Quarterly Results Announcements

    3.3.1. The Company holds combined briefings for the media and analysts on the day of announcement of its full-year and half-year results.
    3.3.2. The Company will make available on its corporate website financial results materials including financial announcements, presentation slides and press releases of its quarterly results.
    3.3.3. To prevent the inadvertent disclosure of price-sensitive information, the Company will refrain from communication with investors during the “black-out” period of two weeks and one month before the release of its quarterly and full-year results respectively.
    3.4. Annual Report and Sustainability Report

    3.4.1. The Company publishes an annual report every year to enable shareholders and the investment community to obtain a comprehensive and consistent overview of its business strategies, developments and market outlook, as well as operational and financial performance.
    3.4.2. The Company also publishes a sustainability report annually, which provides information on its environmental, social and governance efforts in line with the Global Reporting Initiative G3.1 sustainability reporting framework.
    3.5. Corporate Website

    3.5.1. The Company will make available all financial results, annual reports, press releases, SGXNET announcements, presentation materials and other corporate information in the "Investor Relations" and “Media” sections of its corporate website
    3.5.2. Members of the public may subscribe to an e-mail alert service at the Company's corporate website to receive regular updates on the Company's corporate information and announcements. The contact details of the IR personnel are also available on the Company's corporate website.


    This policy is available on the Company's corporate website at

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