Business Development in the context of being a property developer holds a similar concept to the popular board game- Monopoly. Having a good sense of the market, knowing how many chips you have, taking risks and opportunities into your decision making, and you take strategic moves with the aim of deriving maximum returns. Only that the stakes are real and much higher.

Business Development is about identifying investment opportunities that are aligned with our corporate strategy and taps on our competitive advantage. To make the right move at the right time, the Business Development team performs analysis based on an in-depth understanding of the real estate market. The challenge is in identifying market cycles and trends. Upon acquisition of land or investment into a property, the role of asset management comes into play. This involves managing the project over its life-cycle so as to maximise profits and meeting target returns by balancing the costs, risks, opportunities, as well as the interests of various stakeholders.

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"The role of Business Development enables me to appreciate the different activities that take place throughout the life cycle of property development and broaden my thinking to be more holistic and all-rounded. The nature of work is fast-paced and this role requires someone who is numerically sensitive with sharp business acumen."
Yeo Ling Min
Assistant General Manager, Business Development

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