People Matter

With people at the cornerstone of its success, Keppel Land is committed to nurture a robust talent pool that will drive further growth and create value for the Company. Recognising that people are its greatest asset, Keppel Land is committed to strengthen its core competencies by putting in place a robust leadership team that will steer the Group to the next level.

Career Planning & Training
In line with our performance-based reward culture, we have in place a structured staff appraisal and performance management system. For high potential employees, intensive Leadership Development Programmes (LEAD) will train and accelerate the development of Emerging Leaders and for Operational Leaders to become business leaders.

We also provide ample training and development opportunities to all employees. In 2015, employees holding executive positions clocked an average of 56 training hours. Average training investment per employee in the corporate office and average training places per employee were $1,345 and 9.2 respectively.

Promoting Employee Wellness
We keep staff engagement ongoing across various platforms, ranging from annual staff conference and half yearly staff communication sessions with CEO both locally and overseas, regular breakfast and afternoon tea sessions and mid week chill out sessions to foster great interaction and rapprt among staff from different business units.

In 2015, Keppel Land was recognised for Leading HR Practices in Talent Management, Retention and Succession Planning, and accorded special mention for Performance Management at the Singapore HR Awards organised by the Singapore Human Resources Institute.

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